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Dinner and Informal Worship – Every Sunday at 5:30, we share dinner and worship.  Dinner is a home-cooked meal, served in the living room of our house.  After dinner, we gather in a circle for informal worship, just like the first Christians who gathered together in homes.  This is a great place to become part of a true community!

Discussions – On Tuesdays at 8:00pm, we gather for discussion.  We don’t shy away from tough questions about faith, God and the church.  When reading the Bible, we use the latest research to learn what the Bible has to say in a modern context.

Special Events – About once per quarter, we host guest speakers from around the world.  We learn about global poverty, environmental justice, and other faith traditions.

Friendship Mission Trips – Over spring break, UCM travels internationally to learn about social injustice first hand and how we can tackle complex social problems around the world.  These trips are not only a time to serve, but also a time to build international friendships.  Co-sponsored by Alice Millar Chapel.

Retreats – To get away from the busyness of campus life, we go on two retreats per year to Wisconsin and Michigan. Once in the fall and once in the spring, we set aside time to reconnect with ourselves, each other, creation and God.

Fun & Fellowship – Sometimes we just want to hang out.  We have movie nights, Halloween and Christmas parties, barbeques, softball games, and outings into the city.  Also, deeper friendships always seem to develop for those who go on our two yearly retreats.

UCM is a very active and vibrant place. All are welcome to join in on any level whenever you have time and interest to.

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"UCM is a family that provides me with comfort while I am at Northwestern"      

                                           -- UCM Student

UCM Events & Programs